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List of Updates to the Website

26th September 2006
  • Added Oakmed to the manufacturers section. Please note that this is an UK only company, so any sample requests made via their website are only available for UK residents only. Thanks.
3rd August 2006 20th April 2006 8th April 2006
  • As a little extra feature to the chat support room, Ive added a "voice chat" server to the site so that you can now talk to your chat buddies with your voice instead of your fingers. Full details of this Teamspeak Voice Chat Server and how to access it can be found on the newly created Voice Chat webpage which you can find listed on the main left hand side menu under the "24/7 Ostomy Chatroom"
    Go to the Voice Chat Webpage

2nd April 2006
  • Not so much an update as a correction - altered the chat page UK Clock so that it showed the correct time when taking into account Daylight Savings Time. This means the UK is currently timed at GMT+1.

18th March 2006
  • Replaced the dead-clock on the chat page. Finally we've got a working clock which always shows the current UK time back on that site. Yayyyyyy!
  • Added details of the new "Channel Helpers" to the chat room page. AKA "Happy Helpers". These are people that chat room users can go to for ostomy support issues, chat help or other problems which need help etc during their stay in the channel.

12th November 2005
  • Added a new link to the links page - colo-comfort.com - also added details of the new UOAA site.

20th September 2005

23rd October 2004
  • Donations System Introduced. "Make a Donation" button added to bottom of every page (including this one), and paypal.html donations page introduced (Paypal.html includes the donation service itself, plus information on how to donate, and why and how donations help the site).

13th October 2004
  • New Java Chat Version introduced. v2.8.
  • New page introduced: newjava.html - explains all the new features of the java chat upgrade.
  • Introduced medical disclaimer and warning to the chat page on load up.

14th August 2004
  • Correction made to search script. It was still searching the old site... whoops. *blush*

13th June 2004
  • Calendar introduced for chat room users.

8th June 2004

12th March 2004
  • Website moved to it's new location, and new domain name. http://www.ostomysupport.info

9th March 2004

7th March 2004

3rd March 2004
  • Link added: A Journey Back to Health - Serenelli's Cancer Experience. More details on the Links page.

28th February 2004

25th February 2004

2nd February 2004

23rd January 2004
  • New website design finally uploaded and made live.
  • No new content added at this time.

20th January 2004

  • New website design started.
  • No new content added at this time.

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