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#Ostomyland: Java Chat Smilies and Commands

    Picture | Command you type to show it

    | :applause:
    | :banghead:
    | :D
    | :bye:
    | :confused:
    | :cool:
    | :evil:
    | :(
    | :hello:
    | :kiss:
    | :love:
    | :mad:
    | :)
    | :thumbdown:
    | :thumbup:
    | :P
    | ;)


To perform actions: /me <action>
Type: /me waves at everyone
Screen shows: *<nickname> waves at everyone
Hint: To make sure your action makes sense after it's been entered mentally replace /me with your nickname as your type to check that it makes sense before it is sent to the channel

To private message another user /msg <nickname> <message>
Type: /msg Fred Hi there!!!!
Note: A new smaller chat window will open when the person replies. From there on you type your private messages into that window and only that person and you will see what is typed.
Hint: You can also private message a user by double clicking on the person's name in the nickname list on the right hand side of the chat room window, and type the message into the new smaller window that opens up.

To change your nickname: /nick <newnick>
IE: If your nickname is JOHN and you want to change your name to FRED you'd type /nick Fred

To REGISTER your nickname:
Type: /msg nickserv register <password> (this will register the name you are currently wearing. If you want to register a different name, use the /nick commands first to change to the correct nickname.)
IE: If you want register your name with the password of "Kipper" you'd type /msg nickserv register kipper
Note: Once your name is registered it will prevent other people from using it. HOWEVER for this to happen you will have to IDENTIFY yourself each time you use the nickname. See the commands below for details.

To IDENTIFY for your nickname after login:
Type: /msg nickserv identify <password>
IE: Lets say you've registered your nickname with the password "kipper". To identify for the password make sure you are wearing the particular nickname (if not change to it with the /nick command) and then type /msg nickserv identify kipper

Op Commands:
Once you are an "OP" in the channel you have the ability to kick people out of the channel, and to ban users who repeatedly break the rules. The Java Chat cannot be used to "Op" a channel, and therefore Op's are required to use MIRC and will be given the appropriate commands once given Ops status.

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