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Diary of a Life with Chronic Pain (Online Journal of the Webmaster)

Please Note: My Journal was relaunched in July 2006 as a personal website with Journal added to it. Therefore youll see that it is more than just a journal now, it contains a lot more info about me, myself and I.

Online journals are getting very popular these days, it seems like everyone has one, and lots of services are available. Certainly, a lot of people have accessed my previous journal and left messages on it etc.

I have many health problems, some bowel related, some not, and as a result I will be discussing my feelings of them, as well as my ostomy. I will also be using it to discuss everything in my life that happens on the particular day, so some days I could be talking about my friends, about films I've seen, Television shows I've watched, music I've listened to and more besides.

As a lot of you know I live my life in Chronic Pain and take methadone and other opiates on an alternate basis to prevent tolerance, to help kill the pain. Therefore one of the "features" of the journal is a one word review of my mood, and pain level. I will also make it clear that the ostomy itself is not the cause of my pain and illnesses, it has been a result of it, and the ostomy itself still doesnt stop me from doing anything else anyone else can do. So there. :o)

Your Comments are Welcome:
One of the features of the journal which I love is the ability for people to comment on my posts. A free username is needed which u can sign up for on the journal site itself. This is to eliminate spam comments, which were rife before this system was introduced.

So I hope you have a good read and find my dull and boring life interesting and inspiring... why "inspiring"? Well, I have quite possibly the most boring life on the planet, so I'm sure you'll find lots of things to do to prevent yourself turning into me. :o)))

Warning: I use my journal/site to VENT my feelings out and to combat my severe depression. Youll find that I dont hold back. In the past journal there were instances where the pain was so bad that it had made me suicidal and I discussed those feelings in detail, with language to match it. There is no way i can say something like that might not be posted again, so please - if you are easily offended do not read the journal! You have been warned!

Click to Visit, Read and Comment on The Diary of a Life with Chronic Pain

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