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#Ostomyland: Channel/Chat Room Rules

1. If you want to private message someone in the channel who is not an op, please ask them first in the channel. Obviously if you know someone well and you know they wont mind, you do not need ask them. :)

2. Please do not change nicknames in the channel unless utterly necessary (as it can cofuse new users who are not aware of how to track nickname changes).

3. We do not condone abusive, rude or sexually orientated behaviour in the channel. This is a family-minded channel. Although mostly used by adults we do get some children in, and we ask you bear that in mind please at all times. If you think what you are going to say might cause offense, or might not be approprate for the channel please do NOT say it.

4. Likewise, please do not ASL people in the channel. It's considered bad netiquette, and offends a lot of people. It could even get you kicked out without a warning... yes, we hate it THAT much.

5. Please DO NOT SHOUT IN THE CHANNEL all the time - ie type in CAPITALS. That is deemed shouting, again bad netiquette, and will get you kicked out if it's persistant because its annoying and difficult to read.

6. Ops reserve the right to display adverts in the channel for information relating to the chat or the associated websites.

7. Harrassment/offensive remarks made of Ops (and of course Channel users) will not be tolerated anymore, and abusers will be kicked out and banned without warning upon receipt of a complaint, or if witnessed by an op.

8. The channel is open to all ostomists, their family, carers and friends. It is not open to people who want to use it for net sex, file sharing, warez, porn and so on. File servers, XDCC, and TDCC adverts displayed in the channel result in instant ban. Such illegal behaviour is also banned by our Networt server - - and could well result in the channel being deleted by them.

9. Got a complaint or gripe about the channel? Private Message Jason about them, or email him, - The channel is NOT the place to make complaints, only discuss complaints with an op, and in private if anyone else is in the channel at the time.

10. Got a complaint about a user of the channel? Private message Jason if he's there at the time.. Failing that email him - again the channel is NOT the place to make complaints, only discuss complaints with an op, and in private if anyone else is in the channel at the time. If emailing please include the following:

    Your nickname at the time.
    The users nickname who you are complaining about
    The Date and UK Time of the incident (look at the clock on the chat.html page for for the UK time)
    Was anyone else there at the time?

and finally....
    A brief description of the event

11. We take the channel safety and security very seriously. For your own protection we suggest you do not give out your email address, home address, phone or fax numbers in the channel. If you want to give a user such information, send it to them in a private message so that only they see it.

12. Unlike 90% of mIRC channels, pop-ups, away messages, colours and so on are not banned. We are more than happy for you to use them if you have mIRC or on the Java Chat.

13. Finally, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

The rules are in place to help maintain a safe, fun, enjoyable atmosphere. With your help we will keep it that way.

Thanks for reading; we look forward to seeing you in the channel soon!

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