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#Ostomyland: Channel/Chatroom News

Last Updated 13th October 2004.

Announcements and Information:

13th October 2004:

  • Regular chat room user Leeann has been promoted to Channel Operator (ie made an "op"). All the #ostomyland team would like to take this time to welcome her.
  • All the op's now have their own email address based on the website's URL. The addresses are: (jason / danae / sean / leeann) - as always Shaz can be reached via her own website's mail address.
  • lately there has been an increase in the number of complaints from users of the chat room. Some are legitimate complaints that have lead to people being temporarily or permanently banned. Other complaints have been totally frivilous and a complete waste of our time. Could all users please re-read the channel's rules page and try to adhere to them, thanks. Also, please remember that there is no charge for this chat room, and the op's give their time freely for no payment to try and make the chat room as safe and pleasnt a place as possible for people to talk. Therefore, the Ops and myself are not obliged to do everything someone wants us to do, and if anyone doesnt like the decisions and actions I take over complaints in the channel then they are not forced to stay here.

    18th Aug 2004:

  • Kathy has stepped down as an op of the channel. We'd all like to thank her for her hard work over the last 3 1/2 years or so that she has been part of the channel op's. She intends to continue chatting in the channel on a regular basis, just no longer as an op.

    About the ops.

    The channel ops are Danae, Shaz, Sean and Jason_D. Feel free to private message them at any time with queries, complaints or ostomy questions which you wish to discuss in private away from the meeting-logs-readers eyes.

    Nickname changing

    Due to numerous complaints, and to prevent new-user confusion, it is now necessary to BAN all nickname changes in the channel unless it is absolutely necessary to change.

    Acceptable reasons for change include (but are not limited to…)

  • Changing from a “guest” nickname
  • Correcting a mis-spelt name.
    • Marking yourself away, or returning from away status.
    • Ie Jason_D to Jason_Away or vice versa etc etc.
    • Additions to your already existing nickname
    • IE Jason to Jason_Happy or Jason_Bored. Etc etc etc.

    Unacceptable nick changes include: (but again is not limited to…)

  • posing as someone else
  • changing nicknames to a bogus name to sneak into the channel (your host mark gives you away to the ops anyways in such cases...)
  • Changing nicknames to rude or insulting words to make a point.

    We are NOT super-cops, so people will not be whipped publicly for breaking the rules, just asked not to do it. Future offences after a warning will lead to a timed-ban of 15 mins. Further offences will be dealt with at the ops discretion.

    Channel Opening Hours

    Most people know the channel for its Saturday meetings. But did you also know that it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I myself try to be in there regularly during the week, normally afternoon and evenings UK Time. And we are starting to slowly but surely develop a weekday contingent of visitors. Not many, but some, and they are turning into regulars too which is great and not many of them are Saturday regulars either!

    If you have some spare time mid week please come and visit us. We’d love to see you there.

    If I’m in the channel I am not always looking at it as I may be surfing and such like. In such cases I have AWAY added to my nickname and a timed message will be displayed in the channel letting you know how to page me and get me back in the channel. It appears every 15mins.

    Channel Logging – amended 30th July 2003

    The main channel has its content and activity logged – always has done, always will do. This is in case of complaints against users so that I (as the owner of the channel) can read back and see what has been going on whilst ops have been away. This is especially so during the week when ops aren’t always present but the channel is still in use by regular users.

    As promised a vote was held to determine if an opt-in mailing list for the Saturday Meetings Logs would be a good idea and wanted. It was voted for and has now been implemented. Only Saturday meeting logs are distributed. The mailing list is not a guarantee that you’ll receive the logs every week. If I’m ill and cannot get online, they will not be sent.

    This service is useful for people if they are away on holiday and don’t want to miss out on the action or the questions and comments etc; or for people who for any reason cannot get into the channel at all – maybe due to an unsuitable computer etc etc.

    Sign up for the logs at

    ****Private messages have never, and will never be logged****
    It is impossible for the ops, or me, to log or see a private conversation you are having with someone. Only the person you have the conversation with can see it. So, private conversations will never be logged for distribution; and thats a promise.

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